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Dirnt Perves Club
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Welcome to the Dirnt Perves Club, a community for icons, banners, wallpapers, pictures, news, slash, poems and all things related to Mike Dirnt.

This community was created with the soul purpose of sharing our undying affection for Mr. Michael [Ryan Pritchard] Dirnt. We do allow posts involving other members of Green Day as well as others, but make sure the Dirnt is in there somewhere. After all, is that not what we're all about? Now, for some more important information concerning the posting at Dirnt Perves Club...

The maintainer and co-mods of this community are in no way responsible for the careless posting and claiming of copywritten material. It is the fault of the poor fool who did not slap on a simple disclaimer. Shame on you if you steal someone else's work and call it your own! If I, or the co-mods discover that you have in fact stolen and claim someone else's work to be your own, you will be banned from Dirnt Perves Club, permenatly.

When posting fanics, please use the following header:

Title: The name of your work.
Author: Your name.
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17 (If it's higher than PG-13, even if it's a drabble, put it behind a cut)
Pairing: Whatever the pairing is in your work, if there is one.
Disclaimer I don't own any person used in this fictitious story and this event never took place. (Or just be creative and come up with your own.)
Notes: Just in case we need to know anything about the contents, or just anything you want to say about your work.

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>>>Have any comments, concerns or suggestions? Is there something you'd like to see in this community that may have been turned down in another community? If any of this applies to you, e-mail us at dirntpervesclub[at]yahoo[dot]com. Us Mods are all glad to help you out in any way we can. :)<<<

~ Your Dirnty Mods

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