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Title: Sun, sea, sand and...beer? :D Author: Me Pairing: Mike/Billie…

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>How can you not love this man?

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Title: Sun, sea, sand and...beer? :D
Author: Me
Pairing: Mike/Billie
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: No i don't own them :(
Summary: What happens when Bille gets horny after a day in the sun....

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Billie stretched out his slender, and still fairly pale body on the warm sand. They were all here in Hawai, all three Green Day guys and their families but today it was just Billie, Tre and Mike hanging out together, this was always fun. Billie let out a laugh as he saw Tre push other the slightly smaller bassist into the sea, they were happy. Billie contemplated joining them, but he looked up again and they were both running towards their frontman, laughing still. As they approached Billie felt a strong sense of love for both of his friends, they had been together a long time, been through some shit but here they were on holiday together, and having a fucking time of their lives.


Later on they had been out and had a few beers, celebrating Mike’s birthday. Happy and just a little bit drunk they went back to Mike’s room for a bit. They all sat round for a while, more beer was drunk, jokes were made and Tre had already began to trash the place when Mike lightly suggested he joined that attractive girl in his room, or words to that effect. So Tre left and Mike looked round to see his stunning best friend so close it made his heart beat a little faster. Then Mike felt a hand grab at his bum, and saw a smirk on Billie’s face.


“Hey!” Mike responded, trying not to laugh, he wasn’t sure how drunk the already “open-minded” friend was. “What was that for??” Mike said stepping back a little, he felt himself getting a little hotter.


“Umm..I’m horny?” Billie answered before he giggled, his eyes flickering suggestively over Mike’s body. Mike’s own eyes widened, he was surprised at Billie. Even if Billie was drunk, a “little bit bi” and sure they had kissed on stage before. But they were alone, in a hotel room, and if Billie was serious the strain across Mike’s crotch proved it would be hard to resist the confident, and somewhat gorgeous singer. “Billie..” Mike started, not really knowing what he was going to say. But Billie did. “Come on Mike it’s…your birthday! I think…” he stroked Mike’s inner forearm, remembering it was a sensitive part of his best friend’s body. “ I think…me and you..should celebrate some more…yeah, Mike?”

I'm hoping to post a following entry to this part but please comment and tell me what you think...? Thanks x

Mike's birthday present

Billie stepped a little closer and he could feel the heat radiate from Mike, although this was new to the younger man, there was always love between these friends and now there was most definitly lust too. Billie looked straight into Mike's curious green eyes, then his gaze moved down to his lips, not willing to hold back any longer Billie leant in towards Mike. Billie pressed his own hungry mouth against the other's lips, it began soft and gentle even, then Mike responded a little. The heat and aching that had been between them was released in this electric kiss, Mike, aware of how his body was reacting and battling in his mind also, he gave in and parted his lips slightly allowing the more confident man to slip his tongue into his mouth. Billie tasted of beer, but the kiss felt better than any Mike had experienced, drunk or sober. 

Billie felt blood rush to his cock as he felt Mike's hard-on press against his leg, now neither felt they could pull away and as Billie rubbed against Mike's bulging crotch, he was rewarded a small moan in return. Mike knew they should stop but he felt BIllie desperately rubbing at Mike's throbbing cock, through his tight jeans. Mike moved his own hands around Billie's waist and down onto his irresistable tight ass, groping at it he knew exactly what he really wanted to be doing now.  It was Billie who pulled away from the kiss, both of them breathless,Bille looked at Mike and then grabbed his hand, leading him towards the bedroom, Mike followed unable to argue with Billie when they were both in this state. 

When they got into the next room, Billie led down on the bed and beckoned Mike to join him. As soon as Mike did come closer Billie began kissing him again as he guided Mike backwards and led him down on the bed, then straddling the blonde Billie smiled now he was in his element. 

Billie began to remove Mike's clothes, kissing and stroking the other man in the process, Billie teased them both as he heard the younger man's moans. Bllie flicked his tongue across his lover's nipples, feeling them grow hard, he then gave Mike slow teasing kisses down his chest, and allowed his tongue to make circular movements low on Mike's tum, hearing the man moan some more, he brought his mouth back up to the other, slightly open mouth. They kissed faster this time, now Mike clumsily pulled at Billie's belt buckle. Billie began to whisper dirty, teasing suggestions into next to blonde's curious ears. Not willing to wait any longer it was Mike who gave in tearing Billie's clothes off, and his appreciative eyes drinked in the slight but gorgeous body. Billie smiled at the sight, his friend so vulnerable led here, between his legs, he decided to take advantage of the situation and moved his mouth a bit lower this time. Billie's hot breath only tormented his desperate lover, then Billie ran his tongue along the length of him and made his tongue tease by working it around the tip of Mike's cock. He began to suck a little, Mike moaning in ecstasy, but also aching to get more, wanting Billie's mouth to slide down. The dark haired, naughty and confident lover seemed to know all Mike's buttons and pressing them was what Billie enjoyed most. After teasing some more he eventually lowered his mouth taking in the whole of Mike's cock, sucking a bit harder he knew it wouldn't be long before Mike would come. Billie pulled away and Mike moaned as he looked up at him, disapointed it had stopped. "Don't worry that was just part of your present, there is more to come, Mr Dirnt" he drawled in a seductive tone. Billie led back and pulled Mike on top of him, he rubbed some lube into his fingers and then inserted them into Mike, he moaned louder this time. "I want you, Billie" He already new this and he smiled, enjoying the moment. Billie guided his cock inside of Mike hitting that spot first time. Billie began slow and irregular but the thrusts sped up and evened out, making both the men almost scream. "M-Mikey" Billie moaned, at last inside of Mike and hell it felt as good as he had imagined, and he had thought about it a lot. 

Billie was right, Mike did come first, screaming Billie's name as he arched his back in pleasure. Billie felt Mike's come in his own hand and after a couple more of hungry thrusts he came inside Mike. They both led, there elated but tired. Mike curled up next to his best friend and looked up and kissed him again. Billie held him closer and they both wished they could stay like this. "Love you , Billie"  Mike faintly whispered before he fell asleep on his best friend's chest.

  • Yay! Something bringing the com back from the dead! <3

    HOWEVER! </3 for leaving it to end there! It's too short - I want the next installment please! *Sits down to wait*
  • Okay, okay lol i'll hopefully post something later...x thanks for ur comment!
  • This is like seriously one of the greatest/hottest aslash stories I've ever read =]
    • (Anonymous)
      *blushes* Why thank you. Thats much appreciated.x
  • L~O~V~E

    In the first paragraph, was the quoting of 2 green day songs intentional? [‘holiday’ together, and having a fucking ‘time of their lives.’] if it was intentional its clever, if not... oh-well XD

    That rocked! Most fandoms have mike topping/dominating so it’s refreshing to see it the other way around XD I loved this fic <3
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