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Title: Did You Just fuck Me with Laundry Detergent?! Author: Me.…

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Mmm Mmm Good...
Title: Did You Just fuck Me with Laundry Detergent?!
Author: Me. Whatsername.Aya.Whatever.
Pairing: Mike/Tre;; somewhat implied!Billie/Mike
Rating:Hmmm... R for sex?
Disclaimer: They live on the LazySusan on my table and I spin them while they're having OT3 sex. YESSSSS!!!
Notes: This fic is for the Get Dirnty Challenge #9 (Laundry day is a dangerous day.);; I will crosspost this to comingclean after I type it up here. Mike and Tre are now married;they bought a new home.And that's where the fun begins.
Dedications: to the maintainers of dirntpervesclub, to whom their ideas I wouldn't be able to make up this little fic.Thanks!

Did You just Fuck Me with Laundry Detergent?!

I drove home and opened the door to our new home. I looked around and sniffed - yes, sniffed - the air inside. It still had that "new home" type of smell.

Tre and I had decided to buy a new home. We got kind of sick of living with Billie and his family. We thought that since we were married now, we should have our own place.Don't get me wrong, I love billie, but he has his own responsibilities to his wife and kids and we didn't want to be a burden. So we bought own own home: 2, bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living area, etc., etc.
I went to the bedroom to see if Tre was there. No sign of him. I went to the laundry room and there he was, in the flesh - literally. Doing laundry. In the nude. 
My eyes scanned his body as he continued working on folding clothes without noticing I was there, watching him intently.
"And since when did you ever do laundry?" I asked, him laughing a bit as he jumped a little. "Scared?"
"Not a chance," he said. Even when he was caught being scared, he never admitted it.
"And since when did you ever do laundry--" I repeated, "--naked?" I added. 
"Shit. You came home early. I wanted to surprise you."
"With what?"
"This, of course," he said, pointing to his body. 
"Well, I can't argue with that," I said, scanning his body once more before I attacked his mouth with my own. He hungrily kissed back, his hands roaming all over my  clothed back. "Uh-oh," he said.
"What's wrong?" 
"I'm naked, you're not," he complained, "but that can be fixed." He attacked my mouth again as he popped the buttons off of my favorite shirt. I liked that shirt. His lips pulled away from mine, and he slid his hands down my chest, making me shiver. He stopped near my belly button, hands lingering near my hard-on underneath my pants longer than necessary. He could be such a tease.
He then undid the clasp of my belt, slowly on purpose. I was starting to get frustrated. "Tre, fuck me now of I'm going to fuck you silly."
He then said, "If you're going to act that way, you're getting nothing at all." He dropped his hands from my belt, and started heading towards to door. "No, wait," I pleaded. "I'm sorry.Take your time."
He sighed, then said, "I guess so." A smirk played at the corner of his lips. That smile quickly disappeared as he kissed my bruised lips again. He brought his hands down to to my belt again, and ripped it off. He then teasingly undid the zipper, and my pants fell. I kicked them off. He smiled lightly when he saw that I was wearing no underwear - or boxers, for that matter. He grabbed me by the waist and hoisted me up on top of the washer - which was still going. He could be strong when he wanted to, that Tre cool.And, in a moment, he kissed my lips and lowered himself before bringing me into his mouth. 
He heard me moan before I heard myself moan and smiled as he licked the side of my member. He sucked and licked abd bit and all of the posssible things the Tre Cool could do.
"My turn," I said, pushing his head away slightly. I got off of the washer and put him up there instead. I jumped on the washer and kissed his mouth as I climbed on top of him. He arched his back and closed his eyes in return, moaning in the process. I search franctically for sme lube or something to ease the pain, but all I found was laundry detergent. Oh well, I thought to myself. If Tre could be creative, then so could I.
I grabbed the detergent and sure enough, it was the liquidy kind.Feels just like lubricant.  I squirted some into my hand and covered my erection with it. "Ready?" I asked Tre. "Yes," he said, holding his breath, preparing for the slight pain to come. I entered into him without another word - slowly, so Tre could get used to it - and after a little bit he relaxed.  I took that as a sign for me to continue on, so I did. I thrust into him, hitting his postate dead on. He moaned loudly in pleasure.  I smiled to myself and continued thrusting into him.  I kissed his lips before throwing my head back and coming into his body."TRE!" I screamed, and in return he kissed my chapped lips. I collapsed on top of him, both of us panting madly.  I started to drift off with the thought that laundry day is not a dangerous day; it is a fucking wonderful day. 
I closed my eyes, about to sleep, before Tre said, "Did you just fuck me with laundry detergent?!"
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